3 Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

It’s quite rare to meet noisy, hot water systems. They often keep to themselves, minding their own business. But when it’s time for repairs, they do have ways of warning that something’s amiss! When you receive any of these warning signs, know your hot water system is asking for help!

What’s That Smell?

Smelly water is not a good sign; you can liken it to a smoke signal. If your nose is picking up a bad or even putrid smell, your hot water system is telling you there are nasty bacterium spreading through it, and it may be time for a new anode.

‘Extra’ Stuff

If you see something ‘extra’ floating around in your water, perhaps sediments, it’s another sign your hot water system needs fixing.

It means your system is long overdue for a flush, so call in a professional water heater technician to handle it.

Chill Out

If you shudder anytime you go under your shower despite the thermostat setting being correct, a new dip tube might be in order.

The tube’s purpose is to siphon cold water to the bottom of the tank, but age can damage it by making it brittle or even crack it. And that, of course, allows cold water to rush into the tank before it finally lands on you.

Has your hot water system been victim to any of the above? Waste no time in reaching out to the professionals to repair your hot water system!

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