5 Benefits of a Solar Hot Water System

Solar water heaters are all the rave now, and with good reason! A solar water heater is a solar energy system that uses the sun to heat your water. Just like a solar electric system, it uses panels to absorb solar energy. These panels contain a water-based fluid that carries the sun’s heat down to your hot water tank.

While a solar water heater won’t directly reduce your water consumption, it carries many benefits. Here are just a few. You’ll agree that a solar hot water system is more than a necessity!

Fights Climate Change

Many Australian homes heat water with natural gas or other fossil fuels. That’s a lot of carbon going into the atmosphere. Switching to solar hot water is a great way to reduce carbon and other greenhouse emissions and protect the climate.

Protects Air Quality

Many additional homes use electricity to heat their water. When you heat with solar hot water, you become a part of the solution to these public health problems.

Protect Water Quality

Carbon and particulates aren’t the only byproducts of burning fossil fuel. These substances are a significant threat to rivers, streams, lakes, and human health.

Solar water heating is one practical step you can take to stop the mercury contamination of watersheds.

Monthly Savings

A solar water heater can provide up to 80 percent of your hot water needs, even in temperate climates. That translates to significant utility bill savings, month after month.

A solar hot water system typically pays for itself in just four to eight years and can be expected to last for 40 years or more. That’s a lot of free energy and a lot of savings!

The Outstanding Side Benefits of Solar Hot Water

Of course, the sun doesn’t shine all day. Solar water heaters typically have a backup gas or electric water heater that kicks in during periods of little sun.

However, many solar water heater owners prefer to use backup heating as little as possible. Small habit changes such as laundry on sunny days can add up to even more considerable environmental and financial savings.

Many homeowners in Gold Coast and Brisbane Metropolis use hot water systems. They often express how paying attention to their hot water use has made them more aware of using all their resources.

Even though their solar water heater doesn’t save water directly, they found out that they are using less water and saving even more overall. Thanks to the power of solar water systems!

Homes with solar water systems sell faster and at higher prices than those without, especially within Gold Coast and Brisbane Metropolis. Thus, adding solar hot water to your home is an investment that will pay back whether you stay or sell.

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