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This COVID-19 has us all worried about engaging in services that are provided by people. Of course, people carry this virus.

Hot Water Is Something I'd Rather Not Go Without

If you are in need of emergency hot water solutions, a new hot water system, a repair or a replacement, there is a trusted company that you can contact.

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Hot Water System Installations – Brisbane

So, you have just bought a new or replacement hot water system. You researched which brand would last the longest, what would be most energy efficient or which capacity you would need for the amount of people in your home… Now what do you do next? You may need to have your old system drained & disconnected before you can have your new hot water system connected and up and running.

At This Point You Are Probably Dying To Have A Hot Shower & Wash Your Dishes Without Having To Boil The Kettle…

To avoid any further issues, burns, incorrect installation, I highly suggest hiring a qualified professional to install your new hot water system.

Installed Correctly, Your New Hot Water System Will Give You Years Of Problem-Free Hot Water.

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There Are Often Signs Leading Up To Needing A Hot Water System Replacement.

It is not often that a Hot Water System will just, all of a sudden not work. 

Here are a few of the signs to look for, so that you can avoid waking up to no hot water. 

A Change In Your Water Temperature 

On occasion, you may need to adjust your Hot Water System thermostat, this is okay; but if you find yourself doing this regularly, or if you find your hot water is not heating up, then this could be a sign that your hot water system is failing. Also, when you go to use your hot water and nothing comes out at all, this is a sign that you need to replace your heating element. If replacing the heating element does not fix the issue then you will need a Hot Water System replacement. 

Murky, Brown, Cloudy Or Discoloured Water. 

So it could just be that your local council could be flushing the system (so try again a couple of hours later to be sure), it could be because you need to get a plumber in, incase of you having a rusty pipe or a problem with your sewer….. Or it could be that your hot water system is playing up and needs to be serviced before it causes bigger issues. 

Your Hot Water System Is Making Noise 

Okay, so hot water systems are not supposed to make any noise, if yours is, you should have it serviced, and fast. Any rattling or banging type sounds could be due to build up within your Hot Water System, or they could indicate a problem with your heating element. Either way, if you get it looked at quickly then you could avoid having to replace your system.

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Hot Water System Replacements – Brisbane

So Your Hot Water System Is Not Working? 

Without Hot Water You Cannot Wash Your Dishes & You Are Left Longing For A Hot Shower...

You need a fast and effective, professional hot water solution. 

What If I told You That There Are Hot Water System Professionals Who Can Get Your Hot Water Back, Up & Running, Quickly & Effortlessly? 

An installer who will assist you in finding the best hot water system replacement, in Brisbane, at the best price for your individual needs.

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Rheem Stellar Stainless Steel – Rheem

Rhem Launches New Stainless Steel Range - Stellar® Stainless Steel - Available In Gas & Electric

22nd October, 2013 Rheem Australia has bolstered its popular Stellar® suite of products with the launch of a new range of stainless steel water heaters.

The New Rheem Stellar Stainless Steel Is Available In Models Suitable For Either Electricity Or Gas.

“This is a logical extension of the established and popular Rheem Stellar brand – the introduction of superior stainless steel water heaters in both electric and gas versions,” says Gareth Jennings, Rheem’s general manager of marketing and corporate affairs. “There are a myriad of benefits to stainless steel water heaters, and we recognised the need to provide the trade and consumers with an option, depending on their individual requirements.” 

The New Rheem Stellar Stainless Steel Water Heaters Are Designed With Performance, High Energy Efficiency, Features & Aesthetics Firmly In Mind. 

Backed by a 10-year warranty on the cylinder, Rheem’s stainless steel water heaters are lighter compared to vitreous enamel (the electric models up to 40% lighter than comparable Rheemglas® electric water heater models), making them easier to handle, transport and install. 

Sleek, Modern & Durable.

“As the electric models are significantly lighter, it’s great news for plumbers who often need to move these units up several flights of stairs in apartment blocks, or negotiate narrow side passageways of houses,” Jennings adds. “And compared to vitreous enamel, stainless steel cylinders are intrinsically more prone to resist corrosion.”

Key features include:

Rheem Stellar Electric
  • Superior energy efficiency: reduces running costs compared to conventional electric water heaters
  • Perform 12-24% better than Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS)
  • Available in a range of sizes – 80L, 125L, 160L, 250L and 315L
  • 160L models and up are suitable for connection to economical off peak tariffs
  • Doesn’t require a sacrificial anode for protection, thus long term maintenance and service costs are reduced
  • Top mounted water outlet, providing the hottest water available in the tank to the tap
  • Higher thermostat setting to 75˚C maximum
  • Water heater is up to 40% per cent lighter than comparable Rheemglas models; easier to install and handle
  • 10-year cylinder warranty. (Conditions apply click here for warranty information)
Rheem Stellar Gas 330 stainless steel
  • 5 Star energy efficiency, for reduced energy costs
  • Up to 390L first-hour hot water capacity
  • Superior recovery, for that extra hot water when it’s required:
- 185L of mains pressure hot water recovery every hour - Up to 50L additional recovery available via the inbuilt user-adjustable mixing valve
  • Mains pressure to power many hot water demands at once, enough for the largest family
  • Doesn’t require a sacrificial anode for protection, thus long term maintenance and service costs are reduced
  • 10-year cylinder warranty. (Conditions apply click here to view warranty information).
Note: stainless steel will last longer in good water quality areas (i.e. water which contains low chlorides and is relatively pH neutral). For further information on whether these products are suitable for particular areas view the Rheem Stainless Steel Suitability Map >>