Gas Hot Water Systems

Have you experienced having a shower and someone in the same house hold turns on the tap or has a shower in the other bathroom. Your water goes from hot to cold in a split second.

Gas Hot Water Systems will heat a fresh tank of water very quickly, so that you don’t have to wait long for hot water.

There Are Many Benefits To Having A Gas Hot Water System

  • It reduces your electricity bill and is very quiet to run.
  • It delivers full mains pressure and is easy to install and convert from electric systems.
  • You are saving a lot over time and you may be eligible in some for a rebate if you switch from Electric to Gas
  • It is so energy efficient and is an environmentally friendly option. Using gas results in cleaner air and less pollution.

If you have decided you are wanting to get a Gas Hot Water System installed we can help. Contact our friendly Brisbane based tradesman who will be able to install your Gas Hot Water System in no time. To ask any questions or confirm your booking time, please call our on-call installer on: 0412 290 762

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