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Hot Water, a luxury we all take for granted everyday. That’s until you are having cold showers!

When your hot water system dies suddenly, Hot Water Online is here to help you with get the right information online and have confidence that licensed & experienced tradesmen will complete your hot water installation from the plumbing to the electrical work, fast, correctly and with the right warranties! So you can get things back to normal again, knowing that your hot water system problem is gone fixed correctly and will not cause future issues.

We all live a busy lifestyle as we all rely more on the internet for shopping and online searches for all services and trades. As mentioned above, all our tradesmen are fully endorsed and licensed to complete all types of hot water installations.

We are passionate about our work and stand by all our products, services & warranties offered. Our services include our online support and phone support from pre-purchase to after sales.

  • Fully Licensed Hot Water Specialists
  • Experienced Installers
  • Great Warranties
  • Ongoing Support & Repairs
  • Local Expert Installer
  • Friendly & Easy to Understand
[/half] You’ll be happy to know that we take care of the little things that you may not think of like valve train replacement including tempering valve. This is done with every install with no additional charge as well as all direct copper piping replaced connected to hot water system and lagging of pipework and valves required as well as existing hot water tank removal.

Just some of the things that makes Hot Water Online, Gold Coast’s Affordable Hot Water Specialist.

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Hot Water System Installations, Repairs, Replacement & Maintenance.

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Recent Testimonial

Hotwateronline was a very fast and effective way to choose the best hot water system for my home, to order it and book a tradesman to install it for me. As well as that, the superior and prompt customer service was second to none. A wonderful service – thank you! Ann, Holland Park