No Hot Water? What Do You Do?

It’s never funny when you hop into your shower and sigh under refreshing toasty water, and then it quickly chills until the hot water’s completely gone. And when we say gone, we mean really gone! And even after an hour later, there’s still no hot water. What do you do?


Blame the Water Heater

This is the most likely cause of the problem. The first thing you’ll need to do here is confirm if the water heater’s size is appropriate for your needs. Remember, there’s the right size for everyone.

If you live alone, smaller units should suffice. But if you’re a family with multiple kids, a larger unit is necessary.

So, is your hot water system large enough for your daily use? Such hot water systems range from 250 Ltr to 315 Ltr to 400 Ltr and more. If your hot water system is big enough and you still don’t have hot water, try the next step.

Adjust the Thermostat

The ideal operating temperatures for all hot water systems range between 122 and 140 degreesFahrenheit. If your hot water system is running below this, it could spell trouble because you also expose yourself to Legionella bacteria in addition to the hot water deficit.

This bacterium grows under a hot water system that runs below the temperatureslisted above, and such bacterium can compound to a nasty form of pneumonia called Legionnaires’ disease.

Avoiding all this is easy enough, though: Adjust your water heater to the ideal temperature if it isn’t set in it already. Then wait for about 30 to 40 minutes, and your water should be back. Wait for a few more hours-perhaps two hours-and your hot water system should be at a temperature that will stop pathogens from growing.

What Does the Weatherman Say?

A cold snap can be the culprit here. It can adversely impact how effective your hot water system is, regardless of whether it’s gas or electric-powered. Your hot water system might even tap out and shut down altogether!

This, more often than not, happens overnight when your hot water system sits idle and temperatures are low.

If the weather is colder than usual, turn the hot water system to its maximum and wait for about an hour. Then turn on a kitchen faucet and let the water run for a few minutes.  Has it warmed up? No?

If it still hasn’t, perhaps it’s time you replaced your hot water system? Because in all likelihood, it’s faulty, and a new one will save you further trouble and time. But who do you go to?

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