Rheem Stellar Storage 360L 1st Hour Capacity – 180L Storage Capacity


The Best gas storage system on the market hands down.

Key features of the Stellar range include:

  • 5 Star energy efficiency, for reduced energy costs
  • Up to 390L first-hour hot water capacity
  • Superior recovery, for that extra hot water when it’s required:

– 185L of mains pressure hot water recovery every hour
– Up to 50L additional recovery available via the inbuilt user-adjustable mixing valve

  • Mains pressure to power many hot water demands at once, enough for the largest family
  • Doesn’t require a sacrificial anode for protection, thus long term maintenance and service costs are reduced
  • 10-year cylinder warranty. (Conditions apply click here to view warranty information).

Note: stainless steel will last longer in good water quality areas (i.e. water which contains low chlorides and is relatively pH neutral). For further information on whether these products are suitable for particular areas view the Rheem Stainless Steel Suitability Map >>

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