There Are Often Signs Leading Up To Needing A Hot Water System Replacement.

It is not often that a Hot Water System will just, all of a sudden not work. 

Here are a few of the signs to look for, so that you can avoid waking up to no hot water. 

A Change In Your Water Temperature 

On occasion, you may need to adjust your Hot Water System thermostat, this is okay; but if you find yourself doing this regularly, or if you find your hot water is not heating up, then this could be a sign that your hot water system is failing.

Also, when you go to use your hot water and nothing comes out at all, this is a sign that you need to replace your heating element. If replacing the heating element does not fix the issue then you will need a Hot Water System replacement. 

Murky, Brown, Cloudy Or Discoloured Water. 

So it could just be that your local council could be flushing the system (so try again a couple of hours later to be sure), it could be because you need to get a plumber in, incase of you having a rusty pipe or a problem with your sewer….. Or it could be that your hot water system is playing up and needs to be serviced before it causes bigger issues. 

Your Hot Water System Is Making Noise 

Okay, so hot water systems are not supposed to make any noise, if yours is, you should have it serviced, and fast.

Any rattling or banging type sounds could be due to build up within your Hot Water System, or they could indicate a problem with your heating element.

Either way, if you get it looked at quickly then you could avoid having to replace your system.

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